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The Halal Certification Services India Pvt Ltd (HCS), is India's first comprehensive established Halal Certification body in India, since 1999. HCS is a state-run agency in India with Highly qualified resource people, food science graduates, Doctors and shariah consultants are responsible for testing, inspecting Halal Food manufacturing industries and products to ensure their stringent Islamic permissible conditions and to be vociferously conforming to Halal certification.
Our company has excellent experience and knowledge, We have a good cliental database in the market and we are proud to announce that we are dealing with asia`s largest food manufacturer`s like “NESTLE INDIA LIMITED” ,KOHINOOR RICES & KOHINOOR SPECIALITY FOODS PVT.LTD., and KRBL LTD.,”.

Our Objectives :
Helping the manufacturers by issuing halal certification to improve their standards on what they produce.

Vision :
To help people around the world by giving them healthy and hygienic food to have and to lead a better life.

Mission :
Halal Certification Services is committed to supplying the consumer and our customers with the finest, high-quality products and to leading the industry in nutrition research and education. HCS supports these goals with a corporate philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all its business dealings, treatment of its employees, and social and environmental policies.