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Why Apply

The benefits of having a Halal certificate of Halal certification Services (india) private limited

A. The certificate is an authoritative, reliable and independent testimony to support your claim as a manufacturer or operator that your products or foods meet Halal requirements. It is a recognized scheme, which certifies a particular food or products as Halal. Muslim consumers will have greater confidence in consuming such products or foods. If you are an exporter, the certificate may also help meet the importing country's trade entry requirements. This may enhance your product's marketability. The certificate is a accepted means to assure the Halal status of foods or products.

B. Applying for a certificate Before making any formal application, you must first ensure that you can meet the conditions set by the Halal certification Services (india) private limited for manufacturing or preparing your Halal products or foods.

C. Getting the certificate Once the Halal requirements set by the Halal certification Services (india) private limited are met, the applicant will be issued a certificate in the form of a Halal certificate. The certificate is valid for One year not more than Two years and is renewable on expiry. The certificate would be renewed if the conditions of the scheme met.

Conditions of application

1. You must start your Halal productions before any inspection can be carried out.
2. Enzymes, Emulsifiers, Blood & Blood by products, Pork, lard, its by-products and Alcohol are not to be used for production or preservation. They cannot be used in any of the animal-based ingredients, such as Gelatin and Shortenings. They must be derived from a Halal source.
3. Halal products should not in the course of preparation, processing, transportation or storage been in contact with Non-Halalproducts
4. Mixing of Halal and Non-Halal foods and materials, which may occur during preparation, collection, washing or storing must beavoided. A separate washing and drying equipment for such items must be provided.
5. Few Muslim staffs must be appointed at Halal manufacturing unit and all staffs must not bring Non-Halal Foods or Beverages onto the production area.
6. An establishment, which is awarded a Halal certificate, is allowed to affix the Halal Logo of our office on its products and display it on its premises.

Following documents must be enclosed with the Application failure will be rejected.

1. Application on your official letterhead
2. Name and Nature of each product individually.
3. Details of materials used for manufacturing and preserving the product.
4. Assurance from your company that the products are manufactured as per the Halal certifying conditions of the Halal Certificate ofindia and the products are not preserved with Pork, its lard and by-products, Alcohol and any of the animal-based ingredients, such as gelatin and shortenings. The preservatives must be derived from Halal sources.
5.Govt. licensed Laboratory certificate showing the ingredients of your product. (Further our office may make necessaryarrangements to reconfirm the analysis report by the Govt. licensed Laboratory)
6. Copy of the Export license.
7. If you obtain any export order currently please enclose a copy of the same showing the Quantity of each product, and name of the countries where the products are to be exported.
8. Specimen of the products with their original packing.
9. If certification for the whole manufacturing unit is needed, please enclose a Diagram of the production area attached with Laboratory
10.Upon receipt of the application, a team of halal experts visit your unit for inspection. Therequired Halal certificate will be awarded with in Two weeks time after completing the process.